Project Tutoroo

Education Technology - Teach At Ease.

Upon moving back to Taiwan, I engaged in promoting inquiry-based creative learning and designing interactive curriculum for children when I started tutoring young children while simultaneously working at Indiegogo. In Taipei, younger parents are starting to realize the value of inquiry-based approaches. Over my partner’s 10 years in the education industry, she has developed teaching ideologies that are built around the theme of curiosity stimulation and creative learning.

I have experience creating curriculums tailored to each student’s personality and specific needs, via online education services such as, Superteacher, and ClassDojo alike applications.

I made it a personal project to design an app that me and my fellow teachers could centralize features that are important to us.

App Description

Tutoroo is a multifunctional app that allows private teachers to find, plan, and organize lesson plans - costumed, for each of their students.

The app also acts as a communication app between students and teachers - allowing messaging for any questions or virtual homework assigning. 

Main Functions

  1. Find tutoring curriculums and lesson plans for different level learners.
  2. Allow a tutor to assign (via easy drag & drop) the appropriate lesson plan to each student’s profile, according to what the tutor sees fit.
  3. Allow a tutor to create accounts for each student, logging a student’s past & present progress.
  4. Have a chat function for students and the tutor to communicate. Either a 1:1 direct message, or a 1-to-many chat channel/group. 

Initial Target Groups

  • Parents who’d like to tutor their own children
  • Rookie Teenager/Young Adults who casually tutor as a side job
  • Experienced/Full Time Private Tutors with existing students
  • Remote Tutors

User Persona

Christy, 20 years old

  • Junior college student
  • Majors in English Literature & Communications
  • Lives in San Diego, CA
  • Has a routined & organized lifestyle - would like to make extra cash during her downtime 

Designer Goals

  • Create a useful app and provide organizational guides for education professions
  • Improve tutors’ teaching experience
  • Help build a system & new way of communication between tutors & students
  • Generate profit 

Existing Similar Apps

Class Dojo: App with virtual classrooms, connecting students, parents, and teachers, all in one. Comes with access to original teaching content.

Seesaw Class: Student driven digital portfolios & parent communication. Comes with its own activity bank.

Canvas: Learning Management Platform that allows schools to build the digital learning environment that meets the unique challenges faced by their institution.

User Flow

Wireframe Summary

Users will be prompted to complete the following functions:

  1. Splash Screen
  2. Select login option as a student or teacher
  3. View Students' profiles as a teacher
  4. Access Lesson Plans Library

UI Prototype Design

For Splash Screen, Login Page, My Students Page (Teacher's POV), Lesson Planning Page (Teacher's POV)