Project Kingston X CSD APAC Mask Design Competition


Error: Please Wear Mask

Design Concept:

This Windows error pop up is designed to relate to people of all ages, as long as they've been exposed to computer technology - a classic visual that many across generations can recognize from the Windows systems. A mask can now act as walking pinboards or advertisements, worn on each individual. The intension behind this mask design to lightheartedly help the community keep each other in check, to help urge or remind those who don't have their masks on to wear them now!

Remember To Recycle!

Design Concept

In 2020, disposable masks have become an essential, for preventing the spread of coronavirus. However, these disposable masks are causing enormous plastic wastes around the globe. It is important for us to reflect back and recognize the amount of harm that humans have brought to the earth. The concept of “recycle” was meant to be satire, as it isn’t actually a recyclable product itself. As a byproduct to its satirical effects, the mask can act as a reminder for people to double check whether or not they are correctly recycling their waste, when they see this recycling sign lying on the top layer of garbage.