Project Flyride

Ride-Reserve Project

Ever since the pandemic, international leisure travels were no longer an option to pass time. However, in Taiwan, the pandemic has been under control and the Taiwanese government passed legislations to help stimulate Taiwan's local tourism industry by providing subsidies for travelers when they stay in hotels, motels, or Airbnbs.

With this new system in place, it became easier for me and my extended family to actually spend time together and explore within Taiwan. As one of the more technologically fluent member of my family, I naturally became the designated planner, which often times included making pickup reservations for our way to and from our local flights.

Upon using a few airport pickup services I could online, I realized there wasn't one that fulfilled my wish to customize my service, and that there was only about one website that was easy and comfortable to navigate. This is why I started this project called Flyride, I wanted to create my own version of usable and enhanced service and booking experience.


Provide a holistic Platform for a Ride-Reserving Service. Enhance the experience of placing, tracking, & unifying ride orders online.

Observation: Pain Points

  1. High-Friction Browsing
  2. Difficulty in Navigation
  3. Sense of Slow-loading Pages
  4. Interstitial Jump Screen 
  5. High Total Number of Page Clicks


1. Design a website with a higher retention rate


  • Member-exclusive benefits
  • Transparent price and vehicle selection
  • Reduced total numbers of page clicks
  • Increased willingness to form fill-ins

2. Increase Users' Decision-Making Power


  • Allow the users to be in control of the details they want and no longer be limited to passive experiences


  • Price Bar Design, Price display corresponding to vehicle type and other details


  • Price, Vehicle type, Vehicle Year, Interior Configuration and accessories

3. Optimize the process flow


  • Original flow was a single process with none-customizable selection methods


  • To allow users to evaluate their options based on their own needs and budget. 
  • To meet users’ expectations and eliminate any unwanted services that come with the package.

Persona & Target Audience




Corporate/ Office Job


  • Friends and Family Travel
  • Business Trips


  • Digitally literate
  • Cares about efficiency
  • Stylish 
  • Cares about service quality
  • Pays attention to details
  • Has the desire to be in control
  • Economically Stable