Project VVVV Programming

Projects from VVVV Program

I explored the different nodes within VVVV and produced 3 projects.

  1. Interactive Dispersing Particles
  2. Bouncy Transparent Sphere 3D Rendering
  3. Interactive Color Recognition System

The full video on all three projects is accessible via this Youtube Link.

Project 1: Moving Particles (Interactive Web Cam)


  1. Research: Looked at vvvv's website blog to find inspiration in other creators' work
  2. Ideation: Create several sketches and potential designs
  3. Design + Test: Build the initial prototype and make changes as I go

The process for this creative project differs from one I would usually follow for UX design projects, as I combined the the last steps of Design and Testing into one.


This production was the root of my inspiration.

I was particularly drawn to this project as I recently watched Christopher Nolan's new film 'Tenent' and immediately thought of the concept of entropy, which was a big topic in the film.

I wanted to create an object shape that would disperse into tiny particles as the camera detects motion, then have the disperse particles reverse back into the original shape after a few seconds.

This is based on the idea of entropy, time, and reverse entropy.

The Process

Upon deciding that my object shape will be in text form, I jumped right into building the prototype. Then, i began to face some limitations within vvvv:

  • Had to create separate systems for 1) The Emitter of particles that is interactive with the motion camera and 2) The object particle (text) due to the differences in resolution size that would best present clear visual effects.
  • I was unable to combine two systems and make the object shape and the scattered reactive particles into one.
  • To work with what I had, I decided to create an illusion. I set the life time, dynamic buffer, and turbulence nodes to very similar figures, so that it may seem like the object shape is dissipating due to other particles' movements.

Final Product

Project Learnings

  • In the future, I would consider converting the text string into a 3D object from an external software, and import it into vvvv as a shape via filestream.

Project 2: Bouncy Transparent Sphere 3D Rendering

Original Setup

Original Image

Changing the Internal Particle collision rate - to alter the bounce frequency

Future plans

I plan to synchronize this render with beats or sound frequencies so that it can real-time interact with music performers, and act as a visual installation in the future.