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I'm inspired by the constantly redefined role of design within the Mixed Reality (VR/AR, etc.) realms and how cognitive science, engineering, the arts, and research intertwine with one another.

As someone who grew up under the roof of multiple cultures, I am interested in the cross-cultural perspectives on technology, especially in non-angiocentric parts of the world.

I have always enjoyed learning about various cultures - traveling within various countries for extended amounts of time, involving my 5 senses with any possible experience… this includes courageously taste-testing any (and I mean ANY) cultural delicacies (pig-blood cake, stinky tofu, crickets, puffer fish, etc...).

Similarly, design in Mixed Reality means taking into consideration the interactions related to sound, voice, sight, and gesture - and when you have an opportunity to make memories, you take it! So I say sign me up for that journey to teleportation!

Places that have significantly shaped me

Taipei, Taiwan
Berkeley, California San Francisco, California
The Internet Irvine, California New York, New York

People that inspire me

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    My Father
  • 2
    Cher Wang
    Chairwoman & CEO, HTC
  • 3
    Chris Milk
    CEO, Within
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